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Students' Council 2016-2017


The Students activities are organized by members of the Students' Council all of whom are nominated on the basis of their academic performance at the board / Gujarat University Examinations. They celebrate national festivals, Teachers day, farewell function, Expression, and The Annual Day factor etc.


The students' from each division of a class get membership of the council on the strength of their highest aggregate marks at the last public examination in the respective section.



  The Offices Bearers and Class Representatives on the Students' Council for the year 2016-17
Dave Shivam P. Lakhmani Rutvi V. Pandya Suchi J.  
Sem.:-I - A  51 Sem.:-I - A  93 Sem.:-I - A  113  
Patel Kripali J. Thakkar Aditi D. Vankawala Shamaben  
Sem.:-I - B  141 Sem.:-I - B  233 Sem.:-I - B  251  
Desai Jui A. Gandhi Ujmajabin L. Utavani Shinaben V. Prajapati Urvashi J.
Sem.:-III - A   35 Sem.:-III - A   44 Sem.:-III - B   243 Sem.:-III - B   178
Malek Femina R. Gandhi Nusrat M. Shaik Sajeda M. Ramrakhyani Payal M.
Sem.:-V - A   99 Sem.:-V - A   57 Sem.:-V - B   237 Sem.:-V - B   201



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