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  Teaching Methodology

In view of large classes, it is difficult to completely break free from the lecture method of teaching & the traditional system of evaluation. However, the faculty experiments & innovates from time to time.

Group work, discussions, simulations, case studies & assignments are used in the class from time to time. With a view to supplementing formal learning in the class, industrial visits, project work workshops, interaction with experts from various areas & guided journal writing are systematically planned by the college. Wherever possible, these activities are made integral to evaluation.

The college consciously strives to make intellectual & cultural activities of the college an aid to acquisition of knowledge, development of personality, awareness building & a positive enjoyment of life.



Regular attendance in the lectures & other training programmes during the year is compulsory as stipulated by the University / College. Those who fall short of the stipulated attendance will lose their term and consequently will not be allowed to appear at the University Examination. Attendance in lectures  are compulsory.


  Code of Conduct
  TJ is synonymous with DISCIPLINE. Freedom tempered with discipline gives you, the student, a sense of purpose & dignity.


  * There are certain rules here as they are in any institution. Some of them will yet be framed. Accept them with a smile! They are common interest.


  *Form the habit of being in class-always.



*You will sign an attendance sheet to specify your being in the class. The signature must be uniform in the Attendance Sheet, the Identity Card & the Admission form. No proxies please. Or else, be prepared for action. Remember, a gesture of ill-conceived friendship becomes a breach of trust with your alma mater!


  *We are happy to notice that nearly every student of TJ has a vehicle-a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. We are happier still when we find them systematically parked.


  *Whatever name you give it, ragging is savage behavior. We assure you it is the surest way to say goodbye to the college.


  *Your identity as a TJ’s should be your pleasure. Show your identity card whenever you are asked to. When you are found without it, you are welcome to contribute an amount to Poor Students’ Fund.


  *Punishing any student is not our pleasure. It is a painful duty. Despite the pain associated with it, when you err in any way-not very carefully-the college will not hesitate to be very strict. Expulsion from the college is not ruled out.





 Smt.T. J. Patel English Medium Commerce College,Nadiad

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