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Dynamic Book Corner



“Books are the life-blood of master spirits”

                                                                                                           -  John Milton


          Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Knowledge is power…. Much has been told about the importance of reading for overall development. To accelerate the reading skills among the students, a unique initiative is put into practice in the form of Dynamic Book Corner.

          If the students don’t go to the library, the libraries must come to the students.  At the very entrance to the college, the Dynamic Book Corner is located so that each student can have easy access of various books on various topics such as sports, motivation, health, history, current affairs etc. Fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, classics, autobiographies, biographies, best seller books are the part of the vast treasure of books. Books are purchased from many reputed publishers from various book stores on different topics by different writers. Students are encouraged to get books on nominal rent. To widen the scope, time to time, various activities are conducted such on Quiz, Book Review Competition, Best Reader Award, Grand, Discount Sale etc. Important to mention is, out of experience, we can tell that if students are encouraged to read by the books of their choice, they definitely read a lot.

          It is apt to mention that this activity has to be introduced in each & every college or school. 21st Century is the Century of Knowledge & technology It’s our small step in this direction… Vibrant Gujarat, Shining India through vision 2020.






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