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Smt. Taraben Jayrambhai Patel whose native place is Kakarkhad, Nadiad and her three sons Shri Devendrabhai, Shri Anand Rao and Shri Nileshbhai donated big amount of Rs. 2500000/- to build this modern college building which is named after their parents.  This made fulfillment of a demand of years to be an English Medium College for Higher Education in Kheda District. It is a proud history for Nadiad too. Smt. Taraben Jayrambhai Patel Commerce College, an only English Medium Commerce college added one more feather in the crown of The Nadiad Education Society.

          Smt. Taraben was born in economically middle class but highly educated and chartered family. She completed higher secondary education and after marriage she gave her support to her husband to bring up her family. As per our tradition, she scarified her happiness and comfort for children’s success and gave her life for them. Thus she made the idiom true that “one mother can fulfil all need of hundred teachers”. She lived only for two proposes; one is her family and second is the Lord Krishna. She also read religious books. At the end of her life she bravely fought against the cancer disease. Her life is simple, religious, benevolent and model of an ideal house wife.

          “Education is a Culture” is the belief of Shri Jayrambhai Ambalal Patel. He is remembered for his social, simple (open-hearted) and humble nature. His life belief is “Men’s Service is God’s Service ” and helped needy students economically and encourages them too. He was a strong supporter of joint family and performed his all duties for joint family as a successful guide. As an elder of the family every one gets shelter under his kindness. People of Kakarkhad today also remember him for his foresight, feelings of work for other. He was a strong supporter of higher education and also encourager of sports too. People also remember him for hobby of Cricket, Carrom, Hokey, Badminton, Swimming, and Table-tennis. He was humble, faithful and always ready to help unknown or poor person. He was remarkable for his caring and practical approach towards the life. Thus married life of Smt. Taraben and Jayrambhai was spent in fulfillment of commitment towards religious and social duties.







 Smt.T. J. Patel English Medium Commerce College,Nadiad

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