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10th Annual Day


Kiran Bedi at 10th Annual Day of Smt. T.J.Patel Commerce College Nadiad.

Dr. Kiran Bedia, the first lady IPS officer came to Nadiad on the occasion  of 10th Annual Day of Smt. T.J.Patel Commerce College on 15th March,2012 at 9.30 a.m in the assembly hall of the college. Among other dignitaries,  as the Guest of Honour Mr. (Dr.) N.D.Shah the Dean of Commerce Faculty in the Gujarat University and as the Inter Alias  Guest, Mr. Rakesh Rao, the president of Kheda District Panchayat remained  present. The President of the Nadiad Education Society also remained present as the President of the 10th  Annual Day celebration The parents, students, press reparters and other guests also remained present to witness the ceremony.

          The ceremony began with prayer traditionally. Then all the guests were welcomed which was followed by lighting the lamp.

          In the very beginning, the principal of the of the college presented the summary of  various  academic activities during the last 10 years. He also mentioned  the rankers at the university exams as well as youth festivals. He also highlighted the chief activities like Girls Cricket, Badminton, chess tournament etc. Afterwards, the college magazine Takshshila was released by the chief Guest of the ceremony Dr. Kiran Bedi.

          Soon after, the prizes & Medals were distributed to the rankers who got remarkable success in exams, in sports and in university youth festival .

          Now was the time  for speeches After the brief  Introduction of the guests, the guest delivered the speeches  and shared their views.The dean of the  commerce fucalty Dr.N.D.Shah briefly  appreciated the performance of the college are motivated  the students to work harder. The president of the Kheda District Panchayat Mr. Rakesh Rao also advised the youth to come forward to serve the nation.

          Chief Guest Dr. Kiran Bedi then delivered her speech in the presence of crowded assembly hall. Revealing her temperament she insisted the youth  to develop honesty and courage . She gave the true format of learning i.e personal, professional social and spiritnal. She advocated a nice argument that our present education system attracts the prfofessional aspect only. The remaining three important pillars of education system are neglected and as a result, the entire nation suffers. Then, she also advised the youth to be wise at the time of election. Mentioning  corruption , she insisted that Annaji started the movement but it is our duty to keep the pace in future. It is long battle to be won with the people power. She presented her idea in a incid, humourous and bold way. All the  guests gave her a standing ovation after her speech. Our society is fortunate to have people like these who serve the society.

          The president of the Nadiad Education Society Shri Harshadbhai Dalal greeted all the guests and students for the success of the program and the college. At the end, an oath was  taken to remove corruption from the society Prof . Narayan Bhavsar recited the  national anthem as the last destination of the 10th  Annual ceremony.

          In between the program, a surprise drama related to corruption theme was performed. The presence of media person was noteworthy outside the hall, the corruption demon was burnt by Kiran Bedi in the presence of all the guests and students. All the guests and students, after having lunch, departed with sweet memories  of the jubilant annual day of Smt. T.J. Patel Commerce College  




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