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(For getting lifelong membership)




Name of the institute :- Smt.T.J.Patel English Medium Commerce College, Nadiad.

2. Purpose of the federation :-

  a. Ex- student may achieve co-operation for education and other activity of the federation.

  b. To establish relation between college and ex-students

  c. To get important useful request for college development and progress and also to get

      economics support from the ex-students.

  d. To share ex-student's experience and knowledge with the current year students.


Place and Address of the office:- Smt.T.J.Patel English Medium Commerce College,

                                                College Campus, College Road, Nadiad.

4. Membership & Membership fee :-

  Student can get lifetime membership by paying fees Rs. 500/-.


Financial Year :- From 1st April to 31st March of every year.


General Meeting :- Within 90 days after completion of financial year.


Coram :- Present of 10% registered members need for coram. If coram not happened than after

              half an hour present members will be count as a coram.


Administration Committee and Post :-


  a. All general members and lifetime members will make administration committee of federation

      by unanimity or by election.

  b. Administration committee will be of 11 members. 5 members form lifetime members and 6

      from general members. Committee will be formed for the period of three years only.

  c. One president, two vice-president, one secretary and one joint secretary will be in the


  d. To resolve of the committee president election will be decided.

9. Administration assembly, responsibility and authority :-

  a. Administrator Committee will meet at least two times in the year.

  b. It will have rule to fulfill the purpose of the federation to do needful programme, and for that

      it can purchase tools and property and do expenses.


President / Secretary :-


  a. The President will be the head of the administrator committee, and make agenda for general

      meeting and committee meeting by doing discussion with minister.

  b. President / Secretary will be free to follow the decision taken by the general meeting and

      committee meeting and to take necessary steps.


Account and Audit :-


  a. Every year general meeting will decide federation's account audit, appoint auditor and also

      fix salary.

  b. Federation's audited account will be declared in the general meeting of the federation for



Federation Dissolution :- Federation will be work until the work of the Smt.T.J.Patel English

                                     Medium Commerce College is working.



 Smt.T. J. Patel English Medium Commerce College,Nadiad

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